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Youth Participants

The Summer Training and Enrichment Program will provide you an exciting opportunity to gain work experience, increase your skill set, and determine if a profession is right for you. You’ll have the opportunity to see how businesses work from the bottom up, and you may even see areas that you can improve upon, thus tapping in to your leadership qualities and entrepreneurial spirit.

Terrell Carroll

With aspirations to be a mortician, Terrell Carroll is getting firsthand experience at M. E Fisher Funeral Home.

Working with STEP was a little rocky at first but in the end, it’s a really big help. I had been looking for a job for months and now I have a permanent job thanks to the program.
This was a wonderful experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Getting paid to do something that was enjoyable was the best part of this hole experience. I was also pushed and put into real life business situations as well as things that I was always interested in, such as nursing simulation.
STEP is an awesome opportunity for self-growth and professional development. It has been a fun journey that has helped me grow over the summer. Truly memories and lessons that I will never forget. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Hawaii J.

Gourmet Services, Inc.

Nasir C.

Riverside College of
Health Careers

Marshey R.

Zel Technologies

STEP Benefits

If you’re between the ages of 16-24 and a resident of the City of Newport News, here’s your opportunity to be introduced to the world of work and sharpen your skills. Not only are you earning money but additional benefits include:

  • Learn more about a field or industry
  • Decide if a career path is the right one for you
  • Gain valuable networking contacts
  • Gain references for future job opportunities
  • Meet peers with similar interests
  • Learn money and time management
  • Build confidence
  • Make you competitive for entry level positions

In-School Youth

An eligible youth between the ages of 16-18 who is currently attending high school and have not received a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent. This includes those who are registered for next fall's high school classes.

Registrations accepted May 6th through 17th.

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Out-of-School Youth

An eligible young adult between the ages of 18-24 who has received a secondary school diploma or its equivalent, or did not complete high school, or is basic skills deficient, unemployed, or underemployed. This does not include:

  • those who are attending school and have not received a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent, or
  • those who are attending post-secondary school and are not basic skills deficient.

Registrations accepted July 22nd through August 2nd.

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