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Worksite Partners

Let the City invest in your business while you invest in the City. All it takes is one easy STEP! Newport News’ Summer Training and Enrichment Program, STEP, is an investment in one of the City’s most important assets, its youth. By partnering with the City you can help to create summer training opportunities for our youth by providing them with real work experience within your place of business. Funded by the City, STEP is designed to help youth develop positive job attitudes and work skills that can lead to future success in both the classroom and workplace. Take that first step now!

SPCA volunteer

Gain valuable experience while having fun working at the SPCA.

How it Works

An educated workforce is essential in sustaining long term economic success. STEP interns explore diverse career interests, gain on the job skills, and prepare for meaningful careers.

After participating in a job readiness professional skills training program, participants are ready for a 10- week work experience.

Program Benefits…

  • Reduce overhead cost on training and hiring efforts
  • Gain valuable potential long term employees
  • Give a young person a viable start
  • Make the community a better place

You Provide…

  • Structured work schedule
  • Learning-rich training environment
  • Responsible supervision
  • Accurate tracking of workplace hours

What We Provide…

  • Workplace Wages
  • Workers’ Compensation Coverage and Liability Insurance
  • Payroll deductions: FICA, Medicare, State and Local Tax
  • Counseling to participants and supportive services for Employers
  • Participant background checks upon request

Former worksite partners explain why STEP is good business.

Denys Kuratchenko

Denys Kuratchenko assisted with upcoming events throughout the city at Flat Out Events in City Center.


STEP Participant assisting customers at the Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Kristopher Jones

Kristopher Jones is learning warehouse techniques at Craters and Freighters.

Qualifying youth are in and out of school, ages 16-24. Participants will work 30 hours a week work schedules. Work schedules vary based on business needs.

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